The Great Oaks Club of Landfall
Secret to our success? You!
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     President:                                            Nancy Grier                                

     Vice President:                                  Barb Nevin                    

     Secretary:                                            Nancy Solis

     Treasurer:                                           Milta Guys                             

     Assistant Treasurer:                       Maria Acevedo           

     Parliamentarian:                             Carol Evans

Committee Coordinators
 and Assistants:


  Trips and Tours:


  Special Events: 

 Horticulture/Fall Festival: 



  Community  Outreach: 


  Guardian Ad Litem:
     Gingerbread House Project

Board Members: 
Duties of Officers: 

Chair: Linda Bruggers
    Ronni Brownlee, Nametags
    Sharon Hamelin
    Denise Hendershot
    Melissa Kreps
    Jill Mays
    Jane Sanguinetti
Martha Leonard
Kathy Sweet
    Cecille Blankenhorn
    Trish Chiarell
    Marilyn Nygren

Lynn Lloyd
Robin Sickles​

Bonnie Wendt   
Marjorie Brightman 
    Catherine Bonnette
    Lecia DeHaven
    Peggy Neathery
    Chris Pfund
    Olof Preston
    Sue Thompson 

​Chair: Suzanne Finkeldie
    Marie Deremiah
    Milta Guys​

 Chair:   Pam Moody
    Cindy Humphreville

    Patsy Marchi  
    Myrna Brown

    Nancy Grier
    Barb Nevin

   Jane Sanguinetti
President:  Shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Executive Board. The President shall oversee a schedule of meetings, programs, and activities in conjunction with the Standing Committee Coordinators. The President shall notify Country Club of Landfall management of meeting dates for the coming year and, along with Treasurer, negotiate food and beverage costs for meetings. The President shall chair the Nominating Committee.  

Vice- President: Shall perform all duties of the President in the President's absence. As Coordinator of the Programs Committee, the Vice President manages the process of selecting programs for the coming year. The Vice President shall buy a farewell gift for the outgoing President.  

Secretary: Shall keep records of all meetings of the Club and the Executive Board.  Shall initiate correspondence which will include thank you notes to speakers and special cards to members.  

​Treasurer: Shall receive and disburse all funds as directed, propose and monitor the Club budget, and keep records pertaining to the office.  

​Program Committee: Shall be managed by the Vice President; schedule programs for the monthly meetings, and arrange for meeting room requirements (chairs, tables, audio visual equipment, simple refreshments, etc.)  

Trips and Tours Committee: Plan and make travel arrangements for overnight and day trips; coordinate with treasurer for vendors, reservations, etc. 

​Special Events Committee: Assist with holiday and end of the year luncheons, and plan a gardening program such as Landfall garden walk or carpooling trip to nearby site. 

Horticulture Committee: Act as liaison between the Club and COA/POA and Kenan Chapel for campus activities and fund-raisers (Fall Festival). Attend festival meetings, recruit volunteers; work the day of the festival and assist where needed.

​Membership Committee:  Extend invitations to prospective new members; provide name tags for current Club members; promote maximum participation of membership; collect and record Club dues for disbursement to Treasurer; compile the membership directory.

Communications Committee: Inform the Landfall community about Club activities, including providing articles for The Breeze and The Voice; maintain and update the Great Oaks Club website.  

​Nominating Committee: Shall be chaired by the President. Provide a slate of officers and committee coordinators for the coming year.

​Historian: Record and display significant Club activities and events through digital photography; maintain historical records, including scrap books from previous years, in an accessible location.